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Cedarwood School, is an inclusive, co-educational remedial Preparatory School (Grade 1 – 6) and College (Grade 7 – 12) for children who have mild to moderate support needs preventing them from coping adequately in a mainstream school.

We are a member of The Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa, (ISASA).

Set in the scenic country setting of Glenferness, north of Johannesburg, our school comprises around 280 pupils drawn from a broad demographic across Gauteng.

We are equipped to provide a supportive, non-competitive environment where pupils can regain lost confidence and work to the best of their abilities and potential.

Our classes are small, allowing the necessary time for individual attention and monitoring by our remedial teachers so that pupils advance steadily, build self-esteem, and start to believe in themselves and their abilities. A full range of therapists ensures that all areas of development are supported and barriers to learning accommodated.

Cedarwood School is a Non-Profit Organisation with PBO status and governed by a board of trustees. The members of the board give generously of their time and expertise, offering sound governance and prudent financial management of the school’s affairs.

Board Members:

Duncan Turner, Sudeshan Moodley, Phillip Kotze, Jacqueline Staniforth, Nomsa Chabeli, Thirumala Pillay, Brigitte Cook,  Nerona Ramkissoon and Thando Sibindi. 


Cedarwood has its roots deep in the local community. In the mid-1990’s, a group of parents established a remedial school in Chartwell so that their children, who had different needs, could be accommodated.  They called that school Cedarwood. 

A non-profit company was established and in January 1998, Cedarwood Preparatory School operated from 113 Dunmaglass Road, Glenferness, with 34 pupils, 4 remedial teachers and 4 therapists.

Cathy Plewman took on the role of principal and bursar and Jayshree Ranchod joined Cedarwood as the school’s educationalist psychologist. Mrs Plewman handed over the reigns in the early 2000s but the roots that had been established by the school’s founders allowed Cedarwood to go from strength to strength.

In 2009, a college was started on the adjacent property and through a conscientious effort to follow the best practices, the school’s leadership team and dedicated staff have made improvements and enhancements wherever possible, keeping up to date with leading trends and putting Cedarwood at the forefront of remedial education in Johannesburg. 

For a number of years, Cedarwood has maintained a pupil population just below 300 and has ensured its high staff-to-pupil ratio which creates such benefit for Cedarwood pupils.


We believe school for our pupils is like water and sunshine is to a flower.  We help grow them from little seeds to beautiful flowers that can stand tall and firm in the world.

At Cedarwood School we dedicate our time to water and nourish the seeds that come through our doors to help them grow into the best that they can be. With the multiple ways we support each pupil’s needs, they are given a safe space to just blossom and be themselves.

Our approach at Cedarwood School is multi-faceted and tailored to the individual needs of each pupil.  Through our multi-sensory teaching methods, we engage pupils in practical experiences that truly bring learning to life. By incorporating sensory exploration into the academic curriculum we enhance learning, understanding, and skill retention.

In addition to our innovative teaching techniques, we offer additional support. We offer in-class support, to help each pupil within their classroom environment to grow optimally.  We also offer individual or small group support sessions where we provide personalised support for the little extra sunshine and water that each pupil needs. With all the offerings of multi-level and multi-sensory teaching as well as the additional support, each pupil is given the opportunity to flourish in a safe, nurturing environment to reach their utmost potential.

Being part of such a dynamic team with such a big passion for each pupil is truly a blessing and a privilege. Together, we are dedicated to fostering a nurturing environment where every pupil can thrive and best the best that they can be.

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