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Cedarwood offers a variety of extra-mural activities which are offered by staff members and change from term to term. The school newsletter has more details of the choice of activities per term.

Examples of sport activities are swimming, cricket, tennis, netball, basketball, cross country and soccer.

We give our pupils the opportunity to interact in sport which builds discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and determination.

All pupils are encouraged to participate in at least one afternoon extra mural activity. We expect pupils to be committed to the school teams they are selected for.

There are also activities offered privately, and at extra cost e.g.; horse riding, judo, playball, Experi-buddies, yogabears, and flip flop gymnastics.

There are three houses in the Prep School, namely:

  • Lions (red)
  • Tigers (yellow)
  • Leopards (blue)

There are two houses in the College, namely:

  • Falcons (purple)
  • Eagles (green)

Siblings will automatically belong to the same house.

Pupils may earn house points during the course of a week, and a House of the Week trophy is awarded at assembly.

House captains, vice House captains, and house monitors are chosen from the Grade 6 cohort at the beginning of the year.

There is an inter-house sporting event every term (gala, athletics and soccer/netball), and cultural inter-house activities also take place occasionally (e.g.; quiz).

Please inform us if your child receives any special achievements outside the ambit of the school. These may be written up in the Individual Achievements book, (in the foyer) and special mention will be made at assembly of the following week.