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Gauteng Education Department have granted Cedarwood School permission to be part of the pilot program in offering the Technical Occupational Curriculum (TOC).  The aim of the TOC is to ensure that pupils irrespective of their abilities are given the opportunity to develop competences.  It aims to prepare pupils to function meaningfully and effectively in society, and to be able to enter future careers and be equipped to meet the requirements of the economy.


What is Pre-Vocational and Vocational?

Pre-Vocational and Vocational are alternative learning pathways for pupils who struggle to keep up with the academic demands of the CAPS curriculum.  It is recommended for pupils who have been unsuccessful on multiple Individual Education Programmes for 2 or more years, or where there has been a gap greater than 2 years between a pupil’s abilities and chronological age.  With the Pre-Vocational and Vocational pathway there is a balance between theory (25%) and practical (75%) components.

Pre-Vocational provides the bridge that is required to cross over to do a Vocational Course whether at Cedarwood School or TVET College (technical and vocational education and training) or any other private institution with vocational course offerings to obtain an NQF Level 2. In order to cross over to a Vocational Course, pupils need to obtain an NQF Level 1, which is equivalent to a Grade 9.    

Pupils who remain in the Pre-Vocational pathway (do not cross over to a Vocational Course with the age appropriate year group) they can work at their own pace, in smaller, supportive classes until the NQF Level 1 is achieved.  The content is presented at a level and pace that is best suited to the individual pupil needs.  Pupils have more time to complete their work and obtain an NQF Level 1.  The Pre-Vocational pathway is offered to pupils from Year 4 to Year 9.


Pre-Vocational (Preparatory)

Pupils in the Pre-Vocational pathway at the Preparatory School, are in the Orientation Phase / Preparation Stage before entering the formal TOC. 

Early discovery is vital, as it builds confidence in the pupil and a sense of success during the learning experience.  Pupils are emerged in practical tasks such as: computer skills, cooking, shopping, community engagement etc. 


Pre-Vocational (College)

Pupils in the Pre-Vocational pathway at the College follow the official TOC Curriculum. 

Subjects offered are English, First Additional Language, Mathematics, Life Skills, and Information Communication Technology as a stand-alone subject or integrated across various subjects.  Alongside these subjects, Cedarwood School offers Development of Young Children, Hospitality and Wholesale & Retail.   The majority of the teaching time is devoted to the practical subjects.  Pupils who obtain an NQF Level 1 may proceed to the Vocational Pathway.


  Vocational (College)

The Vocational Pathway is offered to pupils in Year 10 – Year 12.  Cedarwood School offers one vocational course, i.e. End User Computing (EUC).

The successful completion the of End User Computing curriculum will result in pupils obtaining an NQF Level 3.