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Education At Cedarwood

Because we understand how to best assist and support a child with learning difficulties, we have developed specific educational programmes to meet your child’s special needs.


Cedarwood Preparatory School and College provides an academic education of high standard which integrates the National Curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 12, with individualised remedial and therapeutic support in order to remove your child’s learning barriers as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Areas of strength are identified and emphasised early on.

In an atmosphere of calm understanding and fair discipline, pupils are encouraged to reason and problem-solve using a variety of teaching methods and learning strategies.

Cedarwood School’s creativity programme utilises the arts, music, design and technology, and creative visualisation. This encourages the development of your child’s imagination and lateral, out-of-the-box thinking, as well as enhancing personal strengths and artistic talents.

Because we know that many of our children lack social interaction skills and self-confidence, Cedarwood Preparatory School and College have developed a unique emotional intelligence module which guides and supports your child emotionally, socially and spiritually. Weekly class sessions with our head psychologists teach children how to build interpersonal relationships effectively, to work cooperatively with one another with mutual respect, to grow self-awareness and self-confidence, and to develop positive attitudes and ethical human values.

On-going wrap-around meetings are held with the Headmistress / Headmaster, Heads of Department, teachers, therapists and parents to set objectives and to evaluate progress in order to meet your child’s individual needs. Termly reports and annual scholastic assessments assist with this process.

Educational Approach

Because we believe in being the best that you can be, Cedarwood Preparatory School and College strives to search out and retain the highest quality educators and staff. Working on an educator-to-learner ratio of 1:14 (depending on the grade), our school can intensively remediate and assist the learner in developing strengths while resolving learning difficulties. Thus, all class teachers are remedially trained and have extensive experience in teaching learners with specialised educational needs.

In addition, Cedarwood Preparatory School and College offers the following:

  • Additional educators as full time class assistants in each Grade 1 and Grade 2 class.
  • Support therapists in speech and remedial therapy as in-class support as well as pull-out therapy with small groups.
  • Weekly Reading Laboratory for classes from Grade 4 to Grade 6 taught by a remedial specialist.
  • Life skills and life orientation classes taught by the school’s educational psychologist.
  • Dedicated Arts, Computer, as well as professional Sports Coaches.
  • Support therapists available on site (Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy and Play Therapy)
  • Intensive Remedial / Scholastic Therapy, including specific therapy programmes for dyslexic pupils and music therapy.

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