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Remedial, ASDAN and VOC

Cedarwood School is an inclusive, remedial Preparatory School (Grade 1 – Grade 6) and College (Grade 7 – 12) in the congenial country setting of Glenferness – north of Lonehill – for children who have mild to moderate support needs which prevent them from coping adequately in a mainstream school environment. Cedarwood School is equipped to provide a supportive, non-competitive environment where pupils can regain lost confidence and work to the best of their abilities and potential.
Classes are small, allowing the necessary time for individual attention and monitoring by the educators so that children advance steadily, build self-esteem and start to believe in themselves and their abilities. A full range of therapists ensures that all areas of development are supported and barriers of learning are accommodated.

Be the best that you can be

Cedarwood Preparatory

Welcome to Cedarwood Preparatory School. We hope that the website will give you all the information you need, and that you will enjoy navigating through the pages. As you can see, Cedarwood is indeed, a very unique and special place that offers so much for children who require an environment that is nurturing and non-competitive, yet offering all the traditional and expected functions of a school . We believe that what we offer is not about a remedial vs mainstream modality, but rather about giving boys and girls the opportunity to become the best that they can be, in an environment suited to their specific needs. Our beautiful country setting campus, well-resourced facilities and full multi-disciplinary therapeutic support, offer pupils the chance to progress and achieve academically whilst giving them the opportunity to restore lost confidence and self-esteem. With a strong sense of family and community, we strive to meet the academic, emotional and social needs of each and every pupil. As a parent so aptly said recently; Cedarwood is Sandtons best kept secret!

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Cedarwood College

Cedarwood College is one of only two mainstream assisted learning high schools in the Fourways/Sandton area. At the College we recognise that there are many young people coming up from our own preparatory school, as well as from other excellent remedial primary schools, who are not yet ready for the large classes and competitive world of the mainstream state or independent high school.

We know full well that all of our students can become successful, measured against almost any standard, if they are given an integrated, individualised academic programme implemented by highly trained, supportive specialists in small classes no larger than 15 in number. In such an environment, a skilled and empathic teacher can assist each one of the individual pupils within our College to achieve an academic Senior Certificate, or a skills-based non-academic qualification, that will allow them to successfully enter the adult world.

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A message from the staff

The Cedarwood staff are helping young people grow up and develop fully as a human being and this must always be our central goal. This demands that we channel our efforts into the personal development of the young people we walk with, nurturing them and transforming them through the learning opportunities we provide.
Let us continue to challenge and help young people grow and to be the best that they can be!


Because we understand how to best assist and support a child with learning difficulties, we have developed specific educational programmes to meet your child’s special needs.


We give our learners the opportunity to interact in sport which builds discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and determination.


Learners participate in various cultural activities which contribute to building a sense of pride, responsibility and commitment.