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Dear Cedarwood Parents

In 2017 our Tuckshop was run by Delia Forte. Her services as Tuckshop vendor ended in December 2017. As part of the Tuckshop payment system an online, cashless card system was used. Many parents have indicated that their children’s Tuckshop cards still have a credit balance.

If your child’s Tuckshop card still has a credit balance on it, please contact Delia for a refund of that credit. She may be contacted at delia@okirand.co.za.

Our tuckshop is currently being run by the school in conjunction with the PTA until a new vendor is appointed on Monday, 12th February 2018. The new vendor should be operating from 1st March 2018. The current school Tuckshop operates on a cash only basis.

Please see below button to download the Cedarwood School Tuckshop menu and pricelist.

Tuckshop Pricelist


Click here to download Tuckshop Pricelist