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College Admissions

Grade 7 – 12
When an enquiry comes into the school, either via a parent or a school referral, the following takes place;

  • An appointment is set up with the Headmaster. Parents are requested to bring a recent (not older than 2 years) psycho-educational assessment, as well as a copy of the childs most recent school report, and any other relevant reports.
  • An application form is either emailed or faxed to the prospective parent, or the parent can download the Application For Enrolment form.
  • An application, in itself does not guarantee placement at the school.
  • The Headmaster then meets with the parents and discusses the reports with them. He will show them around the school and answer any questions they may have regarding Cedarwood College.
  • If the Headmaster feels that the child may benefit from coming to Cedarwood College, and if there is a place available, a trial week is arranged. The Headmaster may need time to discuss reports with the schools support staff, before indicating to parents that the child is or is not a candidate for a trial period at the College.
  • Cedarwood College may contact the applicants current school to get more background information. A credit check may be carried out.
  • If there is no space available, the childs name is put onto a waiting list. If there is space, a trial week is arranged.
  • The trial week; The pupil comes to school on Monday at 7:15am. He/she integrates into the classroom for the week. The team (class teacher, relevant therapists) meet on Thursday to discuss the outcome of the 4 days. A decision is made. The Headmaster, class teacher and Head of Therapy meet with the parents on Friday to discuss the outcome. If relevant, the child is offered a place in the school.
  • If the parents accept the place, they are given an enrolment pack.
  • The child may begin at Cedarwood as per the outcome of the feedback, subject to payment of a non-refundable admissions fee and a months school fees in advance.

Admissions Policy Procedure

Application For Enrollment

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