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“My fondest memories at Cedarwood lie in the daily interaction I had with the pupils.

Their resilience and perseverant spirits constantly strengthened and encouraged me.”

- Nombali Siwa

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“There is no other word to describe Cedarwood School other than “Home”.

With the support of our amazing leadership team, teachers, parents, and the wider school community, we have built our system, processes, and curriculum into something extraordinary.”

- Chevlika Chuturgoon

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“I enjoyed the sense of community, open engagement, and the support I received from the management and all the staff. As for the pupils, I will dearly miss them too.

Most impactful moments were the Tuesday workshops in which I learned a lot from the speakers and interns.”

- Zanele Montle

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“Being part of Cedarwood School has been a journey filled with work experience as well as life experience.

Cedarwood has taught me that everyone is different and that’s what makes them special. Being part of the Sport Team made me realise the love and passion I have for sport. I’ve learnt that it’s not about winning or loosing, but you must do your best and have as much fun as possible.”

- Ayanda Khoza

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“My ten years at Cedarwood School has grown me as an individual both personally and professionally more than I had ever anticipated.

The ethos and culture of supportive staff renders the experience with children and parents both as safe to be curious and inspiring to be better.

Everyone at Cedarwood plays an important role in the team work needed to help each child on their specific journey …”

Meagan Demartinis

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