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Dear Parents,


I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome the new tuck shop has been given. The support in the first week was tremendously overwhelming! We aim to offer better quality food and services.


Until the end of term 1 we will be going through the motions of what type of healthier meals everyone will eat. By the start of term 2 we will have a weekly set menu finalised. Until then we will be offering daily menus with a variety of meals. Menus for each week will go out on Friday’s.


Meals can be pre ordered by filling in the order form which can be found in the class rooms, at the office and by the tuck shop. Alternatively orders can be placed via sms, please ensure included in the sms is: name, grade and class. (0741184284)


We will also have daily specials on offer, there is a specials board outside the tuck shop.


Grade 1’s, 2’s and 3’s are able to order food on a daily basis. Parents please be advised that the children will not be allowed to collect their meal from the tuckshop. We will deliver the meals directly to the class room. Grade 1’s, 2’s and 3’s will be allowed to visit the tuckshop on their tuck day.


Parents, Students and Staff


Please see attached the new price list for the school tuckshop. We do have a facebook page “Cedarwood School Tuck Shop”. Please like and share the page, we will update the page with currents specials and weekly menu’s.


We would like to make parents aware that we now cater for class birthdays for your children. Cakes, cupcakes, party packs anything you require we are able to assist. We will deliver your child’s birthday goodies to the classroom at the time required. Party platters and premade meals are also now on offer. Please contact me for more info.


Over the last few week students have been purchasing tuckshop lunchcards. I am pleased to let you all know that the card system is now fully functional and most students are using their cards.


For the parents who missed the original email, the cards will cost R30 for a new card and R50 for a lost or replacement card. The cards can be bought directly from the tuckshop. The card system is a fully comprehensive cashless management system. Students are given a lunchcard which they can use for purchases at the tuckshop. Once students receive their lunchcard parents will have the ability to perform various tasks such as:


  • Deposit funds
  • Set dietary restrictions
  • View transaction history
  • View reports on purchases and other items
  • Set daily spend limits
  • Pre-order lunches from the tuckshop


Should you require any further information please email or call us!


Kind regards,








Tuckshop Changes – April 2017


Tuckshop Lunchcard Letter



Lunch Card System

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Tuckshop Pricelist

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